Cannabis Researcher Plans To Sue DEA Over Substandard Research Cannabis

Here’s the introduction to the piece and could make an interesting test case for  determining the quality of research cannabis throughout the USA.

The Marijuana Time introduce their article by writing…..A cannabis researcher at Arizona’s Scottsdale Research Institute plans to sue the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) over what she is saying is low-grade cannabis that is unacceptable for testing. According to a report from the CT Post, Dr. Sue Sisley is making the claim that the cannabis being grown at the University of Mississippi is actually closer to hemp than what is consumed on both the legal and black markets. 

The federal government has taken control of the cannabis farm at the university and oversees what grows there. Dr. Sisley says that it is next to impossible to conduct proper scientific research and reach a valid conclusion with the government-approved cannabis that is being provided to her and her team at the research institute in Scottsdale. 

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Researcher Sues DEA Over Low-Grade Cannabis Provided for Testing

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