Cannabis Resume: Cover Letters and Keywords Part 3

Your Cannabis Resume: Part 3 of 3, Cover Letters and Keywords

On March 10, 2020, Green-Flower reported on How to Write a Cannabis Cover Letter, offering several excellent, focused pieces of professional advice on getting your resume actually read by a person in this saturated cannabis job market:

  1. Keep your cover letter under one page.
  2. Use business language.
  3. Edit and spellcheck thoroughly before sending— don’t rely on your automatic spellcheck either. Use your eyes. 
  4. Account for company’s wants. 

A sample cover letter is provided for your convenience:

Dear [Hiring manager’s name or Company’s hiring department] (1),

I recently saw your listing seeking a [Job title] with [Company]. With interest in [One or two personality or industry traits the listing mentioned] (2) and desire to work in [Field], I am submitting my resume for consideration. 

My training and accomplishments in [Key area of the job], have provided me with the expertise and credentials to [Reiterate a fundamental job requirement or two]. For example, my work achievements include [One to two short sentences on applicable career highlights] (3).

I know that [Company] has a reputation as a leader in [Sector or service] (4). I hope that my credentials and interest in your company and the industry serve as an indication of how I can help in this role (5).

Thank you (6),



Here’s a bonus for all readers actively seeking current employment in an increasingly online world —in the cannabis industry or otherwise: How To Get Your Resume Through the ATS, or Application Tracking Software  by Daryn Edelman:

“Too often perfectly qualified job seekers miss out on opportunities because their resume does not meed the minimum requirements for passing through the ATS – or application tracking system – utilized by many organizations to source candidates. But employing a simple knowledge of what a resume should and should not include can dramatically increase your chances of making it through the filter, and reaching an actual human being.”

In closing, remember earlier when I mentioned that “Some of the fastest-growing areas have included financial and legal services, technology, software, and cultivation.”

Since cannabis remains a Schedule 1 substance in the United States under the CSA of 1970, many cannabis businesses are presented with unique challenges and opportunities.

500-Hottest-Cannabis-Jobs-ebook-1_1_ (1)(1)

You can get jobs in each of those  growing cannabis job sectors, including these positions:










According to Cannabis Training University in Florida, “Despite the limits on the medical marijuana market, Florida is currently one of the biggest cannabis markets in the nation. A recent report by Arcview Market Research and BDS Analytics found that Florida’s medical marijuana sales are set to grow by 6 percent over the next five years.

While recreational legalization isn’t likely in 2020, full legalization could boost sales even higher. Florida earned an estimated $626 million in sales in 2018.

Florida currently requires cannabis producers to handle everything from the cultivation of cannabis to retail sales. Medical marijuana dispensary growth is trying to keep up with a growing patient count. Vertical integration has caused a surge in cannabis prices as well as restricted patient access. Dispensary growth has been especially high in South Florida.”

According to the Florida Office of Medical Marijuana Use March 16, 2020 Weekly Update, the number of dispensaries has increased exponentially in Florida from 46  originally to 236 currently. The state cap on medical dispensaries, however, will expire in April 2020. If the cap is amended, dispensary locations and thus cannabis employment could drastically increase even more.

Here is a handy persuasive keyword cheat sheet to use  when crafting your resume:


Apply early for tomorrow’s cannabis jobs by getting started today using these insightful resume and cover letter tips. I’ll end with an illuminating article on 10 Jobs in the Legal Marijuana Industry.

Happy cannabis job hunting!

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