Interesting report from Grizzle who reveal that because govt depts are either shut or operating with minimum staff, background checks are almost impossible to process and 100’s of job positions are unable to be filled.

They write

Medical cannabis dispensaries cannot hire enough staff to meet demand as the offices that process fingerprints for criminal record checks have been deemed non-essential.

Storeowners say they are struggling with staff shortages as many of their budtenders have been struck down by COVID-19. Others have had to take time off in order to care for family members with coronavirus.

Unemployment rates have soared across the US since the coronavirus lockdown began, but dispensary owners are unable to hire new workers to fill the posts. They cannot gain the necessary FBI criminal background checks and drug tests, as the facilities that perform these services have largely been shuttered.

Judith Cassel, an attorney who represents medical marijuana businesses in Pennsylvania, called the situation “so unbelievably frustrating”.

“I have five clients with over 100 openings, and there are likely hundreds more that are waiting,” she told the Philadelphia Inquirer. She added that they are “good paying jobs”, many of which include healthcare benefits, and said it is a travesty that they cannot be filled.