This prestigious award was recently announced by the organizing committee of the 2018 GHC Summit and will be presented during the Summit scheduled for May 25-27that Harvard Medical School in Boston, MA.

Here’s the press release..

According to the Harvard GHC Summit Organizing Committee, Mr. Dabney is being recognized for “…establishing groundbreaking partnerships with African institutions to close the cancer and pain divide, investigating safe phytomedicine alternatives to opioids, and providing support for the development of phytomedicines to reduce global health disparities.”

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“I am honored and humbled to be named a recipient of such a prestigious Harvard Award. Being named and acknowledged for our work amongst the ranks of all the other Harvard Global Health Catalyst Industry Leader Award winners and other renowned critical ailment researchers around the world, pretty much says it all,” stated Mr. Dabney. “Again, I believe firmly that this award validates the work of Cannabis Science and our research collaborators, and signals that we are definitely on the right path as we develop cannabinoid-based medicines to treat a number of critical ailments, including Cancers, Chronic pain, HIV/AIDS, Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD), Neurological disorders, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), and Arthritis.”

Mr. Dabney will also be the keynote speaker during the Phytomedicines Session on May 26th. The theme of this session is From Farm to Bedside: Advancing Clinical Translation of Medical Cannabis and Other Phytomedicines for Global Health. Mr. Dabney will discuss the development of effective cannabinoids and the creation of the Cannabis Science Global Consortium, a research and development framework and platform to cooperate and collaborate with stakeholders worldwide. The Cannabis Science Global Consortium links universities, foundations, corporations, and individuals to share research, ideas, and other relevant information, as well as to implement a cutting-edge research program to develop medicines and delivery mechanisms from bench-to-bedside. The Global Consortium also enables the Company to more strategically coordinate its initiatives, including those focused on education, job creation, and skills training.