Cannabis Sniffing Pooches Fail 75% Of The Time Says New Report

Cannatech today has the story

According to a recent study in Australia that examined nearly 100,000 search cases, the dogs provided false alerts 75% of the time. Below is more information about it via a news release from NORML:

Sydney, Australia: Drug sniffing dogs provide false alerts approximately seventy-five percent of the time, according to an analysis of ten years of data recently provided to members of the Australian Parliament.

The analysis reviewed over 94,000 searches. The overwhelming majority of those searches failed to identify the presence of illegal substances.

According to reporting in The Sydney Morning Herald, “The worst year for drug-detection dogs was 2014, when only 21 percent of the 14,213 searches resulted in illicit drugs being found; the best was two years later in 2016, where 32.5 percent of the 8746 searches were accurate.”

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