CBD Oil and Drug Testing: What Every Truck Driver Should Know

Harry had always been a diligent and responsible truck driver. His love for the open road and the freedom it offered was unmatched. But the long hours and the stress of constantly being on the move took a toll on his health. Over time, he developed chronic pain and anxiety that made it increasingly difficult to keep up with the demands of his job. Desperate for relief, Harry turned to a friend’s recommendation: CBD oil.

What is CBD oil?

CBD, or cannabidiol, was touted as a natural remedy for pain and anxiety. It was derived from the hemp plant, and unlike its cousin THC, it didn’t produce the psychoactive effects associated with marijuana. With hopes of managing his pain and anxiety, Harry decided to give it a try.

He carefully researched the product he chose, ensuring it contained no THC, the compound that would show up on a drug test. Satisfied with his selection, Harry started taking the CBD oil as directed, and he soon noticed improvements in his well-being. His chronic pain began to subside, and his anxiety became more manageable. It was as if a weight had been lifted from his shoulders.

The DOT Warning

Harry continued his job as a truck driver, now feeling better both physically and mentally. However, he was unaware of a crucial detail: the Department of Transportation (DOT) had issued warnings about CBD oil.

One sunny afternoon, as Harry was driving his route through a scenic mountain pass, he received a call from his employer. They informed him that he had been randomly selected for a drug test. Harry, who was feeling more relaxed and at ease than he had in a long time, didn’t think twice about it. He was confident that the CBD oil he had been taking was completely legal and free of THC.

The drug test day arrived, and Harry provided a urine sample as required. He went about his business, assuming the test would come back negative as he had diligently checked the label on his CBD oil and found no THC. After being on the road for over twenty years, Harry knew he wouldn’t fail a drug test.

Will CBD oil make you fail a drug test?

A week later, Harry received another call from his employer. This time, the news was devastating. His drug test had come back positive for THC, and he was to be immediately removed from his job. Harry was in shock; he couldn’t understand how this had happened.

Harry tried to fight the termination and provided proof of the CBD oil’s labeling but to no avail. Harry was instructed to find a DOT SAP and complete the return-to-duty process before he could be considered for a driving job with any employer.

Positive Drug Tests Are Possible

After some research, Harry learned that not all CBD products were created equal. Despite the label on his CBD oil claiming it was THC-free, it still contained trace amounts of the compound. This was because the CBD industry is not well-regulated, and some products could inadvertently lead to positive drug test results.

Harry loved his employer and they thought of Harry as one of their best drivers. But he also knew they couldn’t keep his position open for the extended time it would take to go through the RTD process. Harry remembered one employee that was out for over a year and then had to look elsewhere for employment.

Return to Duty Process

Harry’s company gave him a good tip. They said to call American Substance Abuse Professionals. Harry saw online that they had an 85% success rate in getting employees back to work. He wasted no time calling them and was able to get an appointment with a DOT SAP within two days. Harry worked through the program in record time and scheduled his return to duty drug test within a month. Harry passed with flying colors. Harry must have follow-up tests for the next year, but Harry’s employer held his position open – and he was able to return to the same company.


Not all stories have a happy ending. It can be overwhelming if you fail a DOT drug test and are facing the consequences. Just beware of CBD products and talk to your doctor about some alternatives if you work in a safety-sensitive position like truck driving.

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