CDA Clinics leads Australia’s medical cannabis industry, prescribing first THC vape liquids

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From humble beginnings, CDA Clinics have now firmly established themselves as one of Australia’s leading cannabis clinics, providing a range of consultations and insightful information for both patients and doctors.

Proving their dedication to providing Australian patients with the finest and most suitable cannabis medications, CDA Clinics were the first in Australia to prescribe THC vape liquid to two of their patients.

On both occasions, the medication was prescribed to treat chronic pain. Patient one was suffering from anxiety and spinal pain, whilst patient two was experiencing endometriosis pain and period cramps.

Liquid form THC is a specific type of concentrated cannabis. The THC compound is first extracted from the cannabis flower, and then processed into a specialised liquid formula which can be inhaled using a vaporiser. This method of consuming cannabis is quite unique, as the effects of the medication can be felt within 10 minutes, lasting for anywhere between 2 to 4 hours.

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