Chevron Cannabis op-ed overload time!

First up it’s time for us to blow our own horn.

Here are two Karma Koala podcasts recorded on 2 July 2024 and published the same day

Karma Koala Podcast 170: Leah Heise, Wolf Meyer: The Supreme Court ruling Chevron and its impacts on the cannabis & hemp sectors in the USA

Karma Koala Podcast 171: Andrew Cooper, Falcon Rappaport & Berkman LLP. Chevron, The Cannabis Lawyers’ Dirty Little Secret? Don’t Say Voldemort!


My linked in page is drowining in opinion today

The Supreme Court Nuked Cannabis Rescheduling With Its Chevron Ruling (Op-Ed)


Rescheduling could be at risk after Supreme Court decision


What Overturning Chevron Could Mean for Cannabis


How will Supreme Court ruling affect marijuana rescheduling?


Reports of Marijuana Rescheduling’s Chevron-Related Death Are Greatly Exaggerated (Op-Ed)



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