Not only will they ban the smoking of cannabis, it appears, they also have a extreme dislike of hula hoops, air horns and  selfie sticks! reports

“Sorry bro,” states a response on the topic in the frequently asked questions section on the Coachella website. “Marijuana or marijuana products aren’t allowed inside the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. Even in 2018 and beyond.”

That will likely disappoint many festivalgoers who expect California to be devoid of cannabis regulation — especially those attending the second consecutive Saturday of the two-weekend event falls on April 20.

However, organizers hint that the policy could change at some point in the future.

But even in previous years, when medical marijuana was legal in the state, those authorized to use it were still not allowed to do so on festival grounds.

Marijuana Use Will Still Be Illegal at Coachella 2018, Despite Recreational Legalization in California