2 July 2016

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Colorado’s Department of Public Health and Environment yesterday began accepting grant applications yesterday for the Retail Marijuana Health Monitoring Program, the Denver Post reports. The $2.4 million in grants will be used for post-legalization cannabis health effect studies, and will be awarded to researchers who have “a demonstrated record of successful grant-funded research or data analysis.”

Historically, similar grants have been presented to researchers connected to hospitals or universities. For-profit companies can apply for the new round of grants if they partner with a non-profit entity when applying. Governmental agencies can also apply for consideration.

According to the official request for applications released by the department, two types of grants are available; $300,000 per-year full research grants and $100,000 per-year pilot grants. Full research funding grants will pay up to three years and are intended for multi-year projects that “involve extensive primary data collection using observational study designs.” Pilot grants will pay up to two-years of funding and are intended for shorter term projects that “can provide important public health data.”

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Colorado Health Department Accepting Cannabis Research Grant Applications