20 March 2017

This alert arrived in our inbox this morning.

This in this morning from the CO Medical Marijuana Registry

Medical Marijuana Registry application processing

DENVER— By the end of this month, the state’s Medical Marijuana Registry will have cleared the backlog of applications mailed in for processing. However, patients are urged to use the new online system for new or renewed cards. Online applications continue to be processed in 2-3 business days after applicants correctly submit all required documentation.

More than 20 percent of registry patients, approximately 23,000, already are using the online system. The registry anticipates all patients will be registered in the online system by January 2018.

The registry currently is inundated with inquiries from patients with valid cards requesting access to the online system. As a result, some individuals have had trouble connecting with the call center at 303-692-2184. Individuals experiencing difficulty speaking with a phone representative should email medical.marijuana@state.co.us. All requests are answered in the order they are received. The registry does not have in-person support, so visiting the department will not expedite the application process or result in a meeting with staff.

Answers to questions about cards status, using the online system and customer support are available on the registry’s website.