Common Misconceptions About Cannabis Banking – Myths vs Fact “Blazers & Blazers”



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NACB and EMC proudly present another interactive banking series of Blazers & Blazers this Thursday, May 20th at 5pm CST. Join host and NACB Research Attorney, Geoffrey Gallagos, and our expert panel as they dive into the most common misconceptions about cannabis banking – Myth or Fact❓

In the Hot Seat this month we have:
  • EMC banking expert Ashley Elsner, COO & Co-Founder at Artery Pay.
  • Our very own NACB expert Ashley Manning, Strategic Adviser at NACB and Director of Operations at Trichomes.

With banking still up in the air for our industry, there is still a lot of confusion and questions. We encourage you to bring all your questions and concerns to our panel so they can debunk the myths from the facts!

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