Costa Rican Authorities Seize 898 Kilograms of Cocaine

Costa Rican authorities have seized 898 kilograms of cocaine in a container destined for the port of Antwerp, Belgium. The drugs were hidden among a shipment of bananas.

The seizure was made possible thanks to Operation Sovereignty, a new initiative by the Costa Rican government to combat drug trafficking. As part of the operation, scanners have been installed at the port of Moín, and police forces are now in charge of 100% of the security posts at the terminal.

The suspicious container was detected during analysis and profiling by Drug Control Police (PCD) investigators. The officers carried out an inspection and located the drug shipment among the boxes with the fruit. A total of 898 packages of cocaine, each weighing approximately one kilogram, were impounded.

The seizure is a major blow to drug trafficking organizations operating in Costa Rica. It also shows that the government’s new anti-drug measures are having an impact.

Costa Rican Authorities Seize 898 Kilograms of Cocaine

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