Coursera Offering Tertiary Level Online Cannabis Education

 Coursera, the massive open online course (MOOC) platform, is offering cannabis related courses. They are included with Coursera Plus which goes for $399/year. Coursera, similar to all the MOOCs was free.

I was actually in meetings at the college in 2012 when it all began listening to the predictions of Armageddon for Higher Ed in the US.

Over the years Coursera began to experiment and pilot series of courses for a fee. Coursera when public in 2021 on the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) I suppose after successfully discovering how to monetize.

Several of the cannabis courses currently on the platform for a fee are from the University of Colorado, Boulder offering Cannabis, Chronic Pain, and Related Disorders as well as Healthy Aging and the future of Cannabis Research and Cannabis, Mental Health, and Brain Disorders. The courses are short, 1-4 weeks. There are reviews of the courses, so you know what you are getting. There is no cannabis law course.

Most seem to be related to medicinal uses and drug policy. They look valuable and actually worth the yearly fee for Coursera Plus.



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