We feature this press release, A) Because we are quite fond of David Crosby in his dotage and B) Because the language and the need to sing a big press release are, we think, indicative of how desperately this industry needs to search for good news at the moment.

 At “high noon”, WeedCon Productions will launch the inaugural WEEDCon 420 Cup awarding for excellence in cannabis products.  Categories include best flower, concentrate, edibles, drinks, topicals, tinctures and sublinguals. David Crosby will join the 420 Cup judges panel providing his expertise after years of scientific research on the subject.

We were going to feature the rest of the release but it is so mindless even the effort of copying and pasting is too much for us!

The fact that the event is put on by a company that can’t see past the fact they have called themselves “WEEDCon”. says it all