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Resiliency in uncertain times | Thriving in a brave new market

Emerging stronger and prepared for growth

The cannabis industry continues to grow both locally and globally. Resilient businesses not only responded to the circumstances of COVID-19, they are building long-term strategies to thrive through the future.

We invite you to explore the industry opportunities through Deloitte’s Brave New Marketseries and learn how the leaders in cannabis continue to elevate the industry through our exclusive interviews and immerse yourself in their stories. Use their lessons and insights to forge a path for yourself that’s as distinctive as the industry.

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Pioneering in craft cannabis – delve into the stories of those bringing craft cannabis to market
Seed-to-sale: a cannabis journey – understand how the industry ensures quality control through every step of the supply chain
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Engage on-the-go by tuning into our podcast series. Listen to key figures like Deborah Rosati, Bruce Linton, and Deloitte’s Jennifer Lee and Rishi Malkani as they discuss the future of cannabis and the future of wellness. We’ll unpack other pressing issues, like the first-mover advantage, governance, missteps and scandal, as well as professionalizing, diversifying, and revitalizing.

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Our quick-read articles offer new insights on topics that range from the drivers of value in the cannabis industry to talent strategies, corporate governance, and international growth. Each piece is tailored for companies preparing to thrive in the cannabis industry of the future.

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