Democrats Slip SAFE Bill In Its Entirety Into Forthcoming Coronavirus Stimulus Bill

It’ll pass Congress … what will happen when it goes up to the Senate ?

A provision that would permit banks to serve state-legal marijuana businesses without fear of federal reprisal is part of a $3 trillion coronavirus stimulus bill announced Tuesday by U.S. House Democrats. The SAFE Banking Act, which the U.S. House overwhelmingly approved in September, is included in its entirety in the 1,815-page bill. Reports MJ Biz

As they mention in their piece Republicans aren’t that keen pn another stimulus bill never mind cannabis banking slipped into it and write…However, the measure still likely would be modified to address concerns raised by Senate Banking Chair Michael Crapo, an Idaho Republican.

Cannabis banking included in House Democrats’ $3 trillion coronavirus stimulus bill

Cannibis Industry Jnl reports…

SAFE Banking Act Included in COVID-19 Legislation

By Aaron G. Biros, Editor

The HEROES Act, the newest COVID-19 relief legislation making its way through Congress, includes an exciting new addition: the SAFE Banking Act, which would ensure access to financial services for cannabis businesses. If passed, this piece of legislation would provide a major breakthrough for the cannabis industry, allowing companies to do business with banks.

The NCIA immediatedly sent out this announcement on the news…

Cannabis Banking Reform Included in Latest COVID-19 Relief Legislation Being Considered in the House

House adds SAFE Banking Act and improved loan access to HEROES Act

WASHINGTON, D.C. – On Tuesday, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi unveiled the newest bill to provide the next stage of coronavirus relief funding and included language that would improve access to banking services and loans for the regulated cannabis industry. The banking language is identical to the House-approved Secure and Fair Enforcement (SAFE) Banking Act and would make it easier for financial institutions to work with cannabis businesses that are in compliance with state law, as well as help address serious public health and safety concerns caused by operating in predominantly cash-only environments. The relief bill, known as the HEROES Act, also includes language preventing applicants for Small Business Administration loans from being disqualified based solely on a criminal conviction.

The full relief legislation is available here, with banking language starting on page 1066.

The HEROES Act will now be taken up by the rest of the House before a floor vote. If passed, it will go to the Senate for consideration.

“On behalf of the legal cannabis industry, we commend the congressional leadership for prioritizing public health and safety by including sensible cannabis banking policy in this legislation,” said Aaron Smith, executive director of the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA). “Our industry employs hundreds of thousands of Americans and has been deemed ‘essential’ in most states. It’s critically important that essential cannabis workers are not exposed to unnecessary health risks due to outdated federal banking regulations.”

Last week, NCIA joined other cannabis advocacy and industry organizations in urging Congress to include the SAFE Banking Act in the next round of relief funding, citing the ability of cash to carry contagions and the personal proximity required by cash transactions as reasons for urgency in addition to the other safety and transparency concerns addressed by the legislation.

In September, an overwhelming bipartisan majority approved the SAFE Banking Act in the House, but the bill has been delayed pending a markup in the Senate Banking Committee.

The US Hemp Roundtable are unsurprisingly equally enthusiastic

SAFE Banking Act Included in House CARES II Bill.
Help it become law!

Exciting breaking news from Capitol Hill: Thanks to your advocacy, the U.S House of Representatives has included SAFE Banking Act language in its latest CARES II economic relief package.

We need your urgent help TODAY to get the SAFE Banking Act passed as law.

As we shared with you previously, the House overwhelmingly last fall passed legislation which would help ensure that cannabis businesses could finally secure safe and affordable banking and merchant services. Originally a marijuana-only bill, due to your grassroots lobbying, the SAFE Banking Act was amended to encourage U.S. banks and credit card companies to do business with hemp and CBD companies. (Click here for details.)

Unfortunately, the bill has languished in the U.S. Senate. Meanwhile, hemp and CBD companies continue to struggle obtaining crucial financial relationships – an even more critical need in this pandemic-ravaged economy.

But today we have new hope. The U.S. House has included the SAFE Banking Act language in its latest COVID-19 relief package which should head to the House floor shortly.



Over at Fresh Toast, Nick Kovacevich  the CEO of KushCo Holdings  wrote 8 May. … COVID-19’s Impact On Cannabis Industry Proves National Legalization Is Near. We imagine he’s hoping for the bill to get through

Read his piece at

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