There has been a “slight increase” in burglaries of Denver marijuana businesses – primarily of MJ stores – during the coronavirus crisis, according to a bulletin sent to MJ businesses on Tuesday by the city’s police department.

The department neither provided any details of the burglary increases nor did it immediately respond to a request for specific numbers from Marijuana Business Daily. However, the DPD, noting that cannabis retailers are limiting the number of customers in stores and requiring social distancing, released a number of safety tips to reduce crime. They include: • Make sure security guard are visible and make routine patrols of the property.

• If a business doesn’t have guards, designate an employee to monitor outdoor cameras and routinely check the outside of the business.

• Pay attention to customers who may be “casing” the business by asking the staff questions on things such as what time you close, how many people are working and do you only take cash.

• Watch for individuals who appear to be taking “mental notes,” or photographs of the layout of your business, including points of entries, and where safes and video equipment may be installed.

• Keep a minimal amount of cash on hand.

• Make sure cameras are all working.

• Consider adding a “panic” button or switch.

• If you observe suspicious activity, contact the department’s non-emergency number.