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  • Moscow region: son of head of department of Council of Europe detained with drugs

    19-year-old Pyotr Lobov, a son of a head of the department for cooperation in human rights of the Council of Europe Mikhail Lobov, has been detained with drugs in the Moscow region’s Pavshino, reports Komsomolskaya pravda. […]

  • Will Kleidon Named Chairman of California Hemp Council

    Will Kleidon, the innovative founder/CEO of Ojai Energetics https://www.ojaienergetics.com/ and creator of the only full-spectrum, all organic and water-soluble CBD oil, has been elected Chairman of the California Hemp Council (CHC).&nbs […]

  • CA 48 Tonnes Seized in Huge Weed Bust

    Sheriff's officials said the search warrants were served at 56 properties under investigation for alleged illegal cultivation of cannabis. In all, 49 people were arrested on various charges. […]

  • The £15m drugs gang who dug a secret underground bunker to grow cannabis

    Cheshire Live (UJK) reports, Police say gang who imported 2.5 tonnes of cannabis were a 'vast drugs network'. The total value of drugs believed to have been imported by the organised crime group if sold on the street is £15,450,000. […]

  • NZ Herald Article: Medical cannabis ‘a remarkably useful drug’

    "You've got to be prepared as a doctor to do trial and error, and personalised medicine, to find the particular strain and the family that suits that person and that condition. "It's more subtle than normal medicine, but with a little bit of patience and with the knowledge you'll get from initiating prescribing, you'll get there with most people." […]

  • Article: Marijuana Use Results in Lower Levels of Fasting Insulin

    Authored by Marian Ayad, BPharm, PharmD candidate, University of Colorado Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences.....In conclusion, using marijuana chronically, even as low as less than 4 uses/month, is associated with lower FINS and HOMA-IR in adults with obesity, but not in those without obesity. […]

  • Japan: Dragon Ash bassist KenKen and son of Char both arrested in marijuana bust

    A member of the popular Japanese rock group Dragon Ash has been arrested for alleged marijuana possession in a case involving raids in Kyoto and Tokyo, investigative sources said Saturday. […]

  • Music Weed by Weed

    Weed is a Progressive Rock band, with very Psychedelic influences. The album is "Weed...!" from 1971. Ken Hensley did coperate in this project. […]

  • New Research Might Explain Why Cannabis Makes Some People Paranoid

    A new study might explain why cannabis makes some people happy and others paranoid—and it could lead to better weed. […]

  • USPS Workers Running Illegal Weed Delivery Scheme

    Two United States Postal Service employees were convicted this week after staging separate schemes to deliver drugs during their shifts. In the first case, Mobile, Alabama's Unterria Rogers was sentenced to five years for running an illegal marijuana delivery system. The 33-year-old man reportedly got his supply from California and delivered packages along the way. He allegedly pocketed $250 per pound he moved.&nbs […]