Turns out Canopy Growth Corp. isn’t moving ahead with another hip-hop inspired marijuana product line, at least not yet. The Canadian cannabis company has withdrawn their trademark filing for “Chronic by Dre” marijuana products.

In a statement, Jordan Sinclair, the company’s vice president of communications and media, apologized to Dr. Dre, saying the filing was made in error by a staff member.

“Our staff is encouraged to think of new and exciting trademarks,” Sinclair wrote, according to MarketWatch. “In this case, a staff member improperly put this item forward for trademark protection, and while this should have been caught and stopped, it was not. This was a mistake on our part.”

He also added that Canopy has no relationship with the legendary rapper and producer, nor any rights to his name or likeness.

It’s not out of the question we’ll see Dr. Dre get into the cannabis industry considering Dr Dre Net Worth, in the future considering the influence of marijuana on his music. For now, Canopy has to rely on its exclusive partnership with Snoop Dogg’s product line, Leafs by Snoop, for hip-hop branded cannabis products.

Celebrity-branded marijuana isn’t new to the cannabis industry. Willie Nelson and Snoop Dogg are two of the more well-known consumers who have licensed their names for products. And now it appears that Canopy Growth Corp. is bringing another hip-hop all star into the game. Reddit user u/EaterofDin0saurs spotted a Canadian trademark application for “Chronic By Dre” … Continue reading

Canopy Withdraws ‘Chronic by Dre’ Marijuana Trademark Filed By Mistake