Electrum Cannabis Advisors / Consultants Have Dirty Washing Aired In Law Suit . A Weinstein Moment In The Cannabis Industry?

Electrum Cannabis Advisors / Consultants Have Dirty Washing Aired In Law Suit . A Weinstein Moment In The Cannabis Industry?

What Does It All Mean

First up, it’s a pr disaster for one of the self proclaimed leading cannabis advisory companies in the USA and it goes without saying that they now don’t have a pr person to deal with the fallout .

It  also comes at a time when sexual misconduct at the workplace is the hot media topic and although there are no direct complaints made about Bocskor the suit alleges he was dismissive of the issue, which won’t resound well, anywhere, at the moment.

Electrum has presented itself to the market as the professional face of cannabis advisory services & financial advice. The alleged internal personal goings on and the cavalier fashion in which Electrum decided to “let go” of Johnston is not only going to make prospective clients wary of the company but will now plant a seed of doubt for any cannabis company , investor or client looking for  consultancy services in the sector.

Every cloud, though, has a silver lining. This is a perfect time for a conservative law firm or CPA to step up and fill that gap.


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