Eureka…. We Got A Manufacturing License Say P&B Labs Humboldt,

Here’s the report…. soon we’ll be seeing this daily. It’s going to cost the DOJ  a lot of money to start closing all these new Californian operations down.

EUREKA, Calif. – The manufacturing affiliate of Papa and Barkley California (P&B), P&B Labs Humboldt, was issued a cannabis manufacturing license by the City of Eureka.

According to P&B, they will expand the operation of its Eureka manufacturing facility from research and development to non-volatile manufacturing to produce solvent-free, all-natural oils, and cannabis rosin used to create topicals, tinctures, and transdermal patches.

P&B Labs says they will also produce high quality, solvent-free oil and rosin for its business-to-business wholesale line, to partner with companies looking for pure cannabinoids for infusion into edibles and other products. They can now help infused product manufacturers ensure the are compliant under current and future medical cannabis laws and regulations.

Co-founder of P&B Labs Guy Rocourt explains how the manufacturing license will help their patients manage their pain and improve the quality of their lives.

“We are grateful to the City of Eureka for awarding us its first-ever manufacturing license to safely produce whole-plant infusions and extractions. Our company was founded on the principle of caring for the ones we love. This license will help us achieve our goal of providing our patients with the purest cannabis-based medicine and most impactful products we can make, to help people manage their pain and improve their lives,” said Rocourt.

The company will create high-quality medicinal products from local flowers grown by by second- and third-generation Eureka and Humboldt County farmers.

According to Jennifer Budwig from Redwood Capital Bank in Eureka, revenues generated by the cannabis industry in Eureka in 2017 may comprise over 25 percent of Eureka’s economy, generating approximately $415 million in annual sales.

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