Forbes Article: COVID-19 Was Good For Every Cannabis Company Except Dan Bilzerian’s, Which Is Almost Broke: Filing

Just further proof that sometimes, just sometimes, being a total dick can bring you down.

Here’s the introduction

Terrible for humanity and the global economy, the novel coronavirus pandemic has been so kind to cannabis that a strong argument can be made for COVID-19 bailing out legal marijuana.

The same ironic fortune did not smile on Ignite International Brands, the cannabis-adjacent firm founded and led by Instagram playboy Dan Bilzerian.

According to the company’s most recent earnings statementsfiled on Thursday, Ignite—which sells CBD products in the US and markets branded THC cannabis in Canada—is almost out of money. The company is mired neck-deep in debt, is sitting on a mountain of unsold goods, and has a burn rate that could leave the company dead broke… well, just about any day now.

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