22 March 2017

Forbes write..

InMed Pharmaceuticals is a Vancouver-based pre-clinical trial biotech company that has not only developed a proprietary cannabinoid manufacturing system but in the process created a highly sought after database. This database has mapped the different compounds of cannabinoids to the various diseases that it can address.

The database was created by InMed to assist them in their research and has now become a core asset as other biotech companies have come knocking on their door willing to pay for this information. Most medical marijuana processors are using THC and CBD because they are easy to extract in a large volume from the plant, but there are over 90 different cannabinoid structures that InMed has plugged into its system. The bioinformatics algorithm has taken those different compounds and screens them against approved drugs, diseases and genetic profiles of diseases. It then selects specific cannabinoids that might help regulate that particular disease.

More at https://www.forbes.com/sites/debraborchardt/2017/03/21/inmed-pharmaceuticals-is-more-than-just-another-cannabis-drug-company/#c1f72943b224