Forbes Report: Salaries Are Up In The Cannabis Sector

     Cannabis jobs are on the rise and salaries are increasing, according to a new report by the California-based employment agency Vangst. Those figures are set to grow further as capital continues to flow into the industry and the work force gains experience.

    Vangst, founded in 2015, has connected about 7,500 job seekers with the emerging legal weed industry. Recently the company surveyed 1200 cannabis companies, to find out who they’re hiring and how much they are paying. Vangst added information it has collected in its day-to-day operations to those survey results to put together a cannabis salary guide. Vangst CEO Karson Humiston, said the industry is rapidly outpacing other US job area growth.

    Others in the industry echo the sentiment. “Growth of the marijuana industry has been extraordinary in every sense,” said Jon Fanburg, an attorney at the New Jersey law firm Brach Eichler. He was one of nearly 800 attendees at a bidder’s conference for six new medical cannabis sales licenses in New Jersey recently. He said he’s seen, “no shortage of capital and no shortage of property owners willing to supply locations,” in the industry.

    Marijuana Business Daily estimates that between 125,00-160,000 people already work in marijuana-related jobs. 


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