Freelance Copywriter for Cannabis brand Marijuana Grow Shop – Los Angeles, CA

We are looking for a content writer with an elevated level of cannabis knowledge to produce content of the highest standard for an online cannabis seed company based in Barcelona, Spain.

Our ideal candidate must possess an excellent level of cannabis knowledge, specifically with a high level of knowledge on cannabis growing techniques as much of our new content will be focused in this particular area.

Born in the Netherlands, but now located in Barcelona, Spain, our ever-growing company is comprised of a small core team and an expanding group of international freelance content writers. Within this primarily ‘remotely managed work environment’ we value a flexible and motivated mindset and strong ‘team cohesion’ with frequent, professional, yet informal, communication.

Qualifications and skills required:

  • Exceptional knowledge of cannabis (both medical and recreational) cannabinoids (including CBD) and terpenes**
  • High level of experience or knowledge in cannabis growing techniques
  • Excellent level of cannabis culture knowledge**
  • Motivated and deadline-driven*
  • Native level of English**
  • Committed to creating original and engaging content for our website**
  • Excellent SEO Knowledge and skills*
  • Proficient in using various software i.e Google Docs, Trello
  • Good communication skills
  • Highly proficient at research through authoritative and up-to-date sources
  • Exceptional attention to detail
  • Able to think critically about writing “voice” to relate to a target audience
  • Research and learn about new topics, competitors, industries, and processes, to present fresh, new angles and ideas
  • Responsive to management through email, text, and phone, in regard to project assignment, editing and deadlines

What We Offer:

  • Rates to be discussed based on experience and knowledge
  • Opportunity to write blog posts, articles and product descriptions of cannabis seeds, growing cannabis, cannabis strains etc for our website.
  • An exciting opportunity to work with a young, diverse and international team who share a common passion for cannabis.

About Marijuana Grow Shop

Marijuana Grow Shop is a young, fresh, up-and-coming online cannabis seed shop. The company is comprised of a small core team – based in both Amsterdam and Barcelona – and an ever-growing team of international freelance writers spread out all over Europe.

One of the core values of MGS is and has always been to break with the stereotypical perception, myths, and taboos surrounding cannabis and to create awareness and acceptance towards its medicinal as well as recreational consumption.

With this in mind, we aim to provide our worldwide audience with the best cannabis seeds from the best cannabis strains from all corners of the planet.

What started as a vision for a coffeeshop guide for canna-tourism in Amsterdam, back in 2016, is now beginning to flower into a full-fledged online seed shop and cannabis magazine. But we’re always looking ahead. For example, future content-innovations will include; an interactive database, containing thousands of lab test results, where our customers can find the perfect cannabis strain suited for their individual medicinal needs, by filtering for specific cannabinoid, terpene and symptoms profiles.

Both with the shop and our cannabis community and magazine, our primary focus lies on scientifically sound, straightforward and above all, ‘non-stereotypical-stoner’ information on recreational consumption as well as the medicinal application of cannabis.

For further information about Marijuana Grow Shop and what we do, please visit us at;

Job Type: Part-time


  • cannabis growing: 1 year (Preferred)
  • Copywriting: 3 years (Preferred)


  • English (Required)

Work Location:

  • Fully Remote

Company’s website:


Company’s Facebook page:


Work Remotely:

  • Yes

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