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Marijuana Industry Group to Solar Eclipse Travelers: Keep Cannabis at Home

Denver, CO – Amidst record numbers of travelers planning to travel to view a rare total solar eclipse crossing the United States on August 21, Marijuana Industry Group (MIG) is reminding prospective eclipse chasers to keep their cannabis at home.

While Coloradans will be able to see a partial solar eclipse, some nearby states are within the pathway of the total solar eclipse, including Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska and Montana. Those states, less than a day’s drive from Colorado, are expecting a large influx of visitors.  The Wyoming State Patrol is already planning strict enforcement of the state’s marijuana laws along the Colorado/Wyoming border.  While the growth, purchase and possession is legal in Colorado for adults, it is illegal to take any cannabis across state lines.

“It is important to proactively remind Coloradans that it is illegal to take cannabis out of the state of Colorado. Colorado’s constitution allows adults to consume and possess cannabis.  But that activity must be take place in Colorado, and not cross state borders,” said MIG spokesperson Stacy Rosemore.

To help spread the message, MIG has created an extension from the industry-wide responsible consumption PSA campaign with new messaging targeting potential eclipse travelers. The newly created “Keep It Here” messaging is part of the industry-wide PSA campaign MIG launched back in December 2016.   The campaign focuses on responsible consumption through safe dosing, impaired driving prevention, and prevention of youth access. MIG members, partners and industry members are being invited to use the assets, available online to help get the word out.