Fugitive drug lord ‘Taliban’ who stole cartel’s 450lb cocaine shipment is thrown into ocean with an anchor tied to his waist

The Daily Mail seems to take great pleasure in this report..

  • Reinaldo Fuentes was thrown off a raft into the Caribbean Sea
  • Fuentes was a Venezuelan drug trafficker who was accused of stealing millions of dollars worth of cocaine 
  • He was kidnapped on July 17 and dumped to die the same day in apparent retribution for the theft


his is the moment a fugitive Venezuelan drug trafficker known as Taliban is dumped alive in the ocean with his hands zip-tied and an anchor around his waist in revenge for stealing 450 pounds of cocaine – and cash – from a cartel.

Reinaldo Fuentes, 68, is seen bound and gagged with blood stains on the back of his head before his killers struggle to heave him – and the anchor – over the side of a boat into the Caribbean Sea near Martinique.

The footage, shared to social media, shows Fuentes staring at the person recording the video. He is then dumped overboard and left to drown.

None of his kidnappers are identified but one is heard in the background of the video saying ‘make sure none of our faces can be seen’ and another later said ‘he has no way to save himself’.

In an elaborate – and poorly thought out – ruse, Fuentes, a middleman for the Venezuelan Clan del Cartel, earlier had dumped a shipment of narcotics worth $10 million at sea and fabricated a fake coast guard pursuit to explain not bringing the drugs back to his bosses and kept the cash.

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