AJC  reports

The Georgia House approved a bill Tuesday that would allow medical marijuana oil to be sold to registered patients, giving them a legal way to obtain a drug that they’re already allowed to use.

See The Text At SCRIBD https://www.scribd.com/document/401077700/Georgia-House-Bill-324

The legislation, which passed on a 123-40 vote, would permit medical marijuana growing, manufacturing, testing and distribution. Sixty dispensaries would serve the state’s rising number of physician-approved medical marijuana patients — more than 8,400 so far. Marijuana would remain illegal for recreational use.

Georgia has allowed patients suffering from severe seizures, deadly cancers and other illnesses to use medical marijuana oil since 2015. But it’s against the law to grow, buy, sell or transport the drug, leaving patients no permissible method of obtaining it.

“These aren’t people who are seeking a recreational high. These aren’t people who are seeking to use illicit drugs,” said state Rep. Micah Gravley, a Republican from Douglasville. “These are people who have tried and failed with opioids. These are people who want their children to suffer less seizures.”

The measure, House Bill 324, now advances to the state Senate. Gov. Brian Kemp has previously said he’s open to “research-based expansion” of medical marijuana.

Source: https://www.ajc.com/news/state–regional-govt–politics/medical-marijuana-dispensaries-bill-passes-georgia-house/TiRIqJOF7ogWvhe8sK0JaO/