Georgia Medical Marijuana commissioner removed following I-Team report of a GBI investigation

Fox 5 News reports

Georgia’s Speaker of the House, David Ralston, has removed one of the members of the Georgia Medical Marijuana Commission.

Ralston’s action follows an I-Team report that the GBI is investigating Austell Police Chief Bob Starrett. Starrett has been a member of the Medical Cannabis Commission since its inception.

(Was this a tough call for you?) “Not really,” said House Speaker David Ralston

Speaker Ralston was taking quick action in the wake of an I-Team investigation. Ralston removed police chief Bob Starrett – whom he appointed – from the Georgia Medical Marijuana Commission just days after the I-Team reported that the GBI is investigating the chief.

“His issues needed his full attention, but work of this commission needs his full energy and attention. It was just a conflict,” said Ralston.

Chief Starrett is one of only six commissioners who judged sixty-nine 9 applications from companies vying to grow and sell medical marijuana for the first time in Georgia.  Starrett and the other judges chose six companies, which set off a rash of protests that have bogged down the process.

Lawsuits and bid challenges have alleged secrecy, politics, and questionable scoring by commissioners, all of them political appointees by the Governor, Lt. Governor, and Speaker of the House.


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