7 February 2017

The Local (Magazine) Germany reports

As Germany gets ready to implement a new medical marijuana law, the government apparently needs some drug experts to help with its distribution system.

The Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM) is searching for scientists to help implement a new law, effective in March, that allows doctors to write medical marijuana prescriptions for seriously ill patients.

Various job listings have been posted in recent weeks to work on implementing the law since it was passed by the German parliament (Bundestag) in January. One job description includes “planning and organisation of appropriating and effectively transferring cannabis in the distribution system” – in other words, someone to help with handing out the newly legal medical drug.

Other tasks include helping to award cultivation licenses and to establish the “cannabis agency”.

Preferred candidates should have university degrees in medical fields or natural sciences with work experience and a good knowledge of English.

The law passed on January 19th allows seriously ill patients – such as those suffering from multiple sclerosis or chronic pain – to receive prescriptions for medical cannabis products, covered by insurance.

The plan is for the German government to ultimately supervise the growth of medical marijuana, and even allow some private producers to apply.