Germany: Tilray recalls cannabis extract… pharmacists requested to destroy affected batch reports…….

The THC content is wrong. That’s why Tilray is recalling its cannabis extract. Tilray excludes any patient risk, but the effect may be reduced. Pharmacists are supposed to destroy the affected batch of cananibis extract.

“When testing the initial batch of our cannabis extract Tilray THC 10 CBD 10, all tested parameters were complied with on the date of release,” said Tilray via the German Pharmacists’ Medicines Commission (AMK). However, the continuous stability test in the THC content came to a result outside of the specification. For this reason, Tilray Deutschland GmbH is recalling three batches of the cannabis extract “Tilray THC 10 CBD10”, 25 ml  (PZN 13330905) , from the market as a precaution – Ch.-B .: N0000008543, N0000008548, N000000855. No health damage or endangerment is to be expected, but a reduced / different effect could occur when using the affected products.


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