Germany: World’s Most Comprehensive Hemp and Medicinal Cannabis Genotyping Assay Hits the Market

EBERSBERG, Germany–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Oct 27, 2020–

Eurofins Genomics (Paris:ERF), Eurofins BioDiagnostics and Medicinal Genomics Corp (MGC), announced the formal launch of commercial SNP genotyping services for hemp and medicinal cannabis breeders. The newly launched CannSNP90 genotyping assay is based on industry-leading array platforms and will aid customers with their efforts to develop hemp and cannabis cultivars that exhibit specific chemical profiles and disease resistant characteristics.

This new assay is intended to provide the best genetic solution for clients, helping them revolutionize breeding, genetic purity, and support IP around hemp and cannabis lines. Eurofins Genomics and Medicinal Genomics are amongst the premier providers of genetic analysis solutions for detection of genetic traits.

The chip was developed using Kannapedia®, the world’s largest cannabis genomic database available through Medicinal Genomics, leveraging over 75,000 unique genetic features. Along with tens of thousands of high-impact coding SNPs, there are markers for 39 cannabinoid genes, plant sex, chemotypes (I-IV), and disease resistance captured on the array. These traits are the most important in the market. The data from the chip can be further analyzed using Kannapedia to gather population frequencies, Bt:Bd allele coverage, heterozygosity, relatedness to other cultivars and other genetic knowledge in the database.

This product has the potential for not just breeding, authentication and genotyping applications but also for further research in the field, ultimately helping customers bring to market safe and also innovative products.

A one-hour webinar on applications and use of the chip is planned for November 2020. Companies interested in learning more can register at:

The CannSNP90 chip is now available for orders.

For US-based entities visit

For global customers outside the US visit or email:

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