Deutsche Welle reports on what the broadcaster is calling a  Cannabis boom in Germany

Cannamedical plans to important cannabis from a Canadian producer. In Canada, as in the United States and Israel, the medicinal cannabis market has exploded. Along with the Netherlands, it is the main supplier of cannabis to Germany. Cannamedical is expecting huge growth and estimates some 30,000 severely ill patients will require medicinal cannabis in 2018. Of these, 10,000 are registered with public health insurers. And an internal survey has indicated that some 20,000 privately insured patients consume medicinal cannabis.

“On top of that, there are patients who pay for the medicine out of their own pocket,” Kouparanis explained — an additional estimated 30,000 individuals. Kouparanis projects his company will import about 22 tons of cannabis throughout this year to meet the demand of those 30,000 patients alone. Their cannabis warehouse is in an undisclosed location “somewhere in the middle of Germany.”

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