Gleam Law is a Cannabis Law Firm that operates in  California, Oregon, and Washington. They  have created this great quick guide infographic on Marijuana Law: Past, Present, and Future.

What’s it got in terms of takeaways ?

A) Usefully. a current map of legalised states, things are changing so quickly snatch a look before things move on.

The takeaways.

Unsurprisingly all the action is still on the west coast.

There are now only 4 states without any regulation and surprise surprise the are in the midwest.

What’s interesting is the picture of growing CBD regulations. That patch of light green will spread and we’d guess turn darker sooner than most might think.

They’ve also  created a national price map and a quick world map explaining where other jurisdictions currently are or not as the case may be

B) Although there’s only the first draft bill in DC going to committee now it’s interesting to note that 360 banks already operate in the space

C) there’s also a quick explanation of US state & federal law positions if you need that

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