Green Flower Interview Len Andersen QC, the President of New Zealand’s Criminal Bar Association On Cannabis Referendum

Here’s the introduction to the interview…

Green Flower: What exactly is New Zealand voting on in regards to recreational cannabis?

Len Andersen: Along with our election, which is now on the 17th of October, and as part of our election cycle, there is a vote as to whether our bill, which is not a statute yet but it’s a proposed statute, will be passed. What that will effectively do is decriminalize small amounts of possession of cannabis and small amounts of cultivation of cannabis.

GF: Will this also open up the door to having cannabis sold in stores?

LA: Yes.

GF: You have gone on record in the past that you are in agreement with legalizing cannabis, is that correct?

LA: That is correct. There is a huge industry of cannabis cultivation in New Zealand, [that] the criminal community has used to finance their activities.

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