Growing cannabis is one of those legal gray areas that many people do not entirely understand. Indeed, many people are afraid to grow their own cannabis for fear of breaking the law—but, as of October 17th, 2018, growing cannabis has actually actually legalized on a federal level in Canada. This gives everyone the opportunity to grow their very own cannabis seeds—so long as they take care to follow the rules and legislations.

The New Rules

As per the new rules that came into play last year, people across the states in almost all provinces will be allowed to legally grow up to four cannabis plants, for every residence and household. These plants must be potted and are only to be used for personal use, which is great for increasing the number of people interested in growing their own cannabis from home. Indeed, people involved in the cannabis seeds industry showed a great deal of excitement at the time about the possibilities that such a ruling could allow!

How to Grow Cannabis Seeds

When it comes to growing cannabis seeds, it can be something of a relief to know that federal law in Canada now allows for people to grow up to four plants for their residence’s own use at any one time. However, if you are limited to growing just four plants, you don’t want to be wasting any one of these plants by not growing them in the correct conditions—so here is a quick overview of how to grow your cannabis seeds.

What You Will Need

Growing cannabis seeds isn’t really that different from growing any other crops that you might have grown at some point in your life. After all, cannabis is just a plant, and so needs just a few simple things to grow strong and healthy.

You need to be very careful while buying seeds.It is one of the prime make or break factors for your indoor or outdoor growing. Depending on the strain you like,you may do the research of selecting a seed banks. QCS,ILGM, Crop King seeds and Seedsman are among the best reliable seed banks according to Vela Community.

The first thing that you will need is a container for the plants to grow in, and some form of growth medium for the plants to be planted in. Even a generic terracotta pot should be fine for people growing cannabis plants for the first time. These should ideally be filled with either a peat-perlite soil or a coconut coir soil for the best growing results. A good quality nutrient mix will also be beneficial for your plants, such as the much loved “2 Part Dual Fuel Kit”.

Of course, cannabis plants need more than just food and water if they are to reach their full potential. In order to reach this potential, they should be provided with ample amounts of light and the correct humidity environment, as well. In order to achieve this, you should invest in a top quality ceramic or LED lighting system; don’t compromise on quality for these, as the lighting systems should be one of the biggest expenses in your cannabis growing operation. In order to control the humidity, you will also want a fan installed in the growing room in order to keep the air moving.

Before starting your growing operation, you should also consider your neighbors. Even if it is legalized, your neighbors probably don’t want to be smelling the noticeably sweet and dank smell of growing cannabis; a simple, $250 filter will help with controlling this. Also, don’t forget about your own comfort as well; cannabis growing rooms can be incredibly bright, so having a quality pair of grow-room glasses will help you to protect your own eyes as well.

Remember: not everyone will appreciate you growing cannabis! If you rent a property, make sure that your landlord is okay with you growing cannabis in the premises—and always check how much cannabis you are allowed to harvest in your region, as well.

Growing Your Seeds

Once you have all of the kit, you will probably want to get started with growing your cannabis plants quickly. But how do you do this?


The first step in your cannabis growing experience is to germinate your seeds. There are a number of ways to germinate your seeds, but the easiest way is to germinate them on a damp paper towel. Seal this paper towel in a Ziploc bag and leave the seeds to germinate in a warm room.


The next step is to plant and transplant your germinated seeds. Make a small, 2.5cm hole in your ceramic pot of peat-perlite or coconut air soil and place the seed gently in this hole, before setting the lighting system to run on an 18 hour light cycle. This cycle is suitable until the plants reach about 45cm in height, at which point they should be reduced to a 12 hour light cycle instead until they flower.


The buds are ready to harvest when they are at their most potent: when their hairs turn cloudy and white. To harvest, simply cut the largest branches and hang them up in an environment that has a humidity of approximately 50%, at a temperature of 20 degrees celsius.


Once the stems of the plants snap, after about a week, the buds can then be removed and placed inside specialized mason jars. These mason jars should be opened every few days in order to allow the buds to breathe during the curing process.


Happy Growing!