Hamas terrorists were high on illegal ‘cocaine for the poor’ (Captagon) while invading Israel, report says

If you follow the Captagon story.. most of it is manufactured by the Syrian govt and is causing societal probalems throughout the middle East


Hamas terrorists involved in the surprise Oct. 7 attack that launched them into war with Israel were reportedly under the influence of a powerful and illegal synthetic stimulant.

Captagon pills, known as “cocaine for the poor,” were found in the pockets of several dead Hamas terrorists, according to The Jerusalem Post. The drug supposedly allowed the terrorists to have a calm demeanor while keeping them alert and suppressing appetite.

The drug, which is similar to methamphetamine, is highly addictive and can cause extreme depression, irritability, blurred vision and heart problems over longterm use. It is illegal in the Middle East and in most countries worldwide, according to Barron’s.

Captagon pills were popularized in 2015 by ISIS as a means of suppressing fear in its terrorists. The pills have since been mass produced throughout the Middle East.

Captagon can cost as little as a dollar per pill in poorer regions, according to Barron’s.

Estimates indicate exports of the drug may have earned Syria at least $3.5 billion in 2020, more than five times the combined sum of the country’s other legal export industries. Saudia Arabia reportedly consumes as much as $9 billion worth of the drug annually.

The drug is reportedly frequently seized in countries such as Italy, Egypt and Greece. In Dec. 2021, Kuwait seized a reported 9 million Captagon pills hidden in a shipment of oranges. Authorities in Dubai a week prior had discovered 1.5 tons of pills being moved within shipments of lemons.


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