Hawaii Today reports

If passed, the measure would:

— Establish a medical marijuana advisory commission which would monitor the state’s dispensary program and submit an annual report each year to the Legislature.

— Authorize the Department of Business, Economic Development & Tourism to collect data about the program such as, the amount of marijuana grown and dispensed, the number of marijuana-related jobs available, price information and the program’s economic impact.

— Clarify that certain state tax provisions do not apply to dispensaries — a form of tax relief to help keep prices low.

— Give advanced practice registered nurses the ability to certify patients.

— Clarify that prohibitions regarding drug paraphernalia do not apply to people who use medical marijuana legally.

— Include transdermal patches, marijuana cigarettes and inhalants among types of medical cannabis products patients can legally use.

— Define terms related to dispensary and medical cannabis laws such as “enclosed indoor facility,” “batch” and “plant.”

— Allow medical weed to be transported between islands for testing, if a lab isn’t available where the dispensary is located.

— Allow certain programs within the University of Hawaii to conduct marijuana-related testing and research.

Full Report At:

House Bill 2707   http://openstates.org/hi/bills/2016%20Regular%20Session/HB2707/