How Dublin playboy Fran Fennell paid for lifestyle by smuggling Kinahan coke Down Under

Fennell realised that there were huge profits to be made from selling cocaine in Australia where there was a huge mark-up on the price of the drug

Ireland’s Sunday World

PLAYBOY cocaine dealer Fran Fennell’s days of mixing with models and socialites in glamorous nightclubs came to an abrupt end yesterday when he was jailed for eight years for drug trafficking.

For years Fennell (34) managed to straddle two very different worlds – partying with high-society models and executives while also keeping ties with senior Kinahan Cartel criminals.

His social media accounts – which have long been shut down – showed how Fennell jetted across the world for holidays in Australia, Dubai, Cuba, Holland, Phillipines, South Africa, Spain, Ibiza and even Colombia.

While he was in Dublin, the Ballymun-native lived in a luxury apartment and mixed with the high-society scene and was his relationship with influencers were discussed on gossip website.

But unlike some of his rich pals who inherited their wealth, Fennell had to pay for his lifestyle and his cash came from selling cocaine.

Gardai believe Fennell became a leading supplier of cocaine to Dublin’s poshest drug users, while also mixing socially with his clients.

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