How To Choose Fertilizers: 5 Tips Cannabis Growers Must Know

Growing cannabis isn’t as difficult as it sounds since all you need are fertilizers, oxygen, and light. However, the challenge is finding and using suitable fertilizers, especially since there are numerous options to choose from. In addition, there are certain factors that cannabis growers should know if they want to select the right fertilizers. Below are some tips you can try so your cannabis plants can thrive:

  1. Know The Nutrients That Cannabis Plants Need

Before you go searching for fertilizers, it’s best to understand the nutrients that cannabis needs in the first place. Basically, you have to ensure that three vital nutrients are balanced: nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K). If NPK is present, your cannabis plants will grow well because those nutrients are the general building blocks of any fertilizer. 

Of course, cannabis plants also need water in order to survive. Especially if you’re planning to use the reverse osmosis system, water is essential. Cannabis needs magnesium, calcium, and sulfur as well, which are the secondary nutrients you’ll find in fertilizers. And to ensure that your plants grow well, see to it that they get silicon, molybdenum, cobalt, iron, manganese, and zinc, among other micronutrients.

  1. Learn To Read Fertilizer Numbers

Being aware of the required nutrients for cannabis is a must, but you shouldn’t stop there; you must also know how to read fertilizer numbers. That way, you can choose the best ones since you can fully understand the labels. For instance, NPK 4-15-13 refers to the percentage of each nutrient: 4% N, 15% P, and 13% K. 

Those numbers are important because, as mentioned, NPK applies to all fertilizers. However, cannabis calls for a certain NPK ratio, which means that NPK 16-16-16 isn’t suitable for them, although it’s great for your lawn.

Look for the following ratios depending on which stage of growth the cannabis is in:

  • Veg Stage: This requires NPK 9-5-8 or any higher percentage of N and lower for P and K.
  • Flowering Stage: This requires NPK 5-9-9 or any fertilizer with a higher P and K and a lower N.

By knowing how to read such numbers, you can always find the fertilizer your plants will benefit from the most. This way, you can prevent nutrient excess or deficiency that may negatively impact the growth of your plants.

  1. Choose Between Homemade And Store-Bought Options

The next step is to figure out whether you’ll be mixing your own fertilizers or buying them. While it’s possible to do the former, buying pre-made fertilizers is a more convenient route to take.

Since you already know the nutrients to grow cannabis, you can easily determine which fertilizers to go for. You can use your time to focus on maintaining your plants instead of learning how to create fertilizers from scratch. What’s more, you can ensure that your fertilizers are up to standard if they’re from reputable companies.

With store-bought fertilizers, you won’t be doing trial and error when mixing chemicals, which is a scenario you might encounter given that you’re not an expert in the task. You also get to avoid guessing the ratio of nutrients as they already contain the proper amounts. All you need to do is to use them.

  1. Know Your Soil’s Aeration And Moisture Content

As mentioned, you should have quality water for growing cannabis. However, don’t overwater your plants; the soil must only be moist enough so they can get the amount of water they require. The soil must be aerated as well. 

When you know how aerated and moist the soil is, you can select the most suitable type of fertilizers for it. If it lacks hydration or oxygen, you can find fertilizers to address such issues. That way, your cannabis can fully thrive in any soil.

  1. Feed Them Right 

Now that you know the correct NPK ratio for each stage of cannabis growth, you have to provide your plants with the right dosage of fertilizer. To be safe, start with the lesser amount to avoid overfeeding your cannabis. Otherwise, they may have nutrient burns, causing damage to their leaves that’s difficult to remedy. Gradually increase the dosage if you think that there’s a deficiency or growth problem. In doing this, you can find out the appropriate amount of fertilizer to use for your cannabis.


Cannabis plants are now in demand, so growing them can be a good side business. You’ll be able to have an edge in the industry if you cultivate them well. Thus, you need to choose the right fertilizer for your plants. Consider the tips above so you won’t waste your money buying the wrong fertilizers for your cannabis.

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