Post-traumatic stress disorder is a terrible condition that affects these who have witnessed a frightening, shocking, disturbing event. It frequently affects mainly those who have served in the military. And nothing is surprising in it – war is one of the worst things that can happen to humanity, and watching people dying or being hurt is for sure, a terrible experience. Those who have PTSD are in pain and might feel like they will never experience happiness in their life again. But, it’s possible to reduce the symptoms of this condition. In this article, you will learn more about it.


PTSD – What is it?


As we mentioned before, it’s a feeling of being frightened, anxious and not present. It’s normal to feel like that after a traumatic experience. However, those who have PTSD are living in constant fear, and this feeling doesn’t fade. Contrary to popular belief, this condition does not only affect soldiers, but can also trigger in people who experienced shocking events, or situations that make them feel hopeless and helpless. It can affect pretty much everyone who experienced or witnessed such an event. No matter what the cause was, it’s possible to ease the symptoms and get over after this trauma. The methods below can help manage the symptoms.


Relaxation Techniques


Relaxation techniques allow you to fight off a variety of mental disorders, including PTSD. They help the body to ease the symptoms of the illness and find some peace. It’s essential to use them because it’s impossible to live while experiencing constant stress. It’s painful not only for the brain but also for the body. Sometimes, it’s the only way for you or your loved one to calm down. This method is the best, because it’s 100% natural, and it will activate the body’s relaxation response, which is necessary for overcoming PTSD.


Cannabis for the Rescue


Surprisingly, cannabis can be a remedy for treating PTSD soon. According to statistics, there are over 350 million people who can’t deal with this problem, and some of them reported that cannabis brings them relief. For sure more research has to be done, but it can be a good idea to visit a place where you can legally purchase some cannabis. Although weed can be legal, you always have to know what the rules are for a specific region. For example, it’s possible to purchase marijuana in New Brunswick, but it’s prohibited from using it in public. Make sure that you know what the rules are, and that you obey them. Otherwise, legal actions might be taken against you.


Physical Activity


Many of those people who have PTSD claim that physical activities significantly reduce their stress levels. It happens because of several reasons. One of them is the fact that the brain produces more serotonin, the hormone of happiness when we are physically active. But, doing sports is good for one more reason – people who are living with such unbearable anxiety often are not able to think about anything else. Doing sports allows them to focus on something different and entirely clear the mind from negative thoughts and emotions. They feel better not only during the exercise but also after their workouts. That’s why doctors recommend PTSD patients to include daily physical activity in their schedule. It’s a guaranteed method of improving not only their mental condition but also physical state.




According to research published in 2019, people who have PTSD can reduce symptoms of the illness by over 80% after spending as little as one week with a trained dog. Such dogs sense the chemical changes in the human body, and therefore they know when such an attack comes. Then they are able to reduce it, just by being with the owner, who can pet them, and be more calm, knowing that someone is with them during a hard time.


Reducing PTSD symptoms has never been easy. Even though we know more and more methods of reducing the symptoms, we still don’t know how to treat the condition entirely. At the moment, it’s proven that people who are doing relaxation techniques or sports, as well as those who have pets can deal better with illness symptoms. Many PTSD patients claim that cannabis helps them, too, so if you feel like it could help you, make sure to test it as well. Hopefully, more research will be done in the near future about cannabis effects in PTSD patients.