Here’s how the interview starts….

Was there any warning from Jeff Sessions that he intended to repeal the Cole Memo at this time? Do you think that the timing has anything to do with legalization starting in California?
There was no indication that he would do this, this was a desperate attempt for him to appear relevant. As you know, the Cole Memo is just a Memo where Rohrabacher/Farr is the law and the U.S. Attorneys’ and the DOJ are prohibited by law from interfering with a medical cannabis business that is compliant with state law.

Donald Trump promised on the campaign trail that he would leave marijuana laws up to the state. However, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders stated that Trump supported the enforcement of federal law, whether it be on marijuana or immigration. Has Donald Trump gone back on his campaign promise?

No, that’s why this is “much ado about nothing.”  Sarah Huckabee Sanders statement is accurate that Trump supports the enforcement of federal law because the current federal law says “the DOJ is prohibited from using any resources to investigate or prosecute a business that is compliant with state law”  There are plenty of operations, including Mexican drug cartels that are in violation of both state and federal law that the Justice Department could focus on.