It’s been a busy 10 days in the world of Cannabis M&A.

It’s about time to start taking a look at companies like 1st West

As we mentioned in the preamble. They sent out the following release on the 10 January about the appointment of  Dr Craig to look at the M&A market in the Cannabis Sector


A Managing Director of 1stWest M&A, Dr. Craig’s efforts will seek to introduce 1stWest M&A as an advisor to companies that want top value in an acquisition. He will initially focus within the cannabis industry on companies that service the cannabis markets with product testing, product improvement, logistics, disposal, laboratory supplies, laboratory services, and regulatory compliance.

Dr. Craig received his Ph.D. in chemistry from the University of California, Santa Barbara, and has been a Post-Doctoral Fellow at University of California, Berkeley; he brings an international reputation for creating value at the intersection of science and global business operations.

As background, Dr. Craig was Corporate VP and Chief Operating Officer for Microbial Solutions business at Charles River Laboratories (NYSE: CRL), a provider of products and services to expedite the discovery, early-stage development and safe manufacture of drugs and therapeutics.

Dr. Craig also served as President of Environmental Resource Associates (ERA), a leading manufacturer of standards and reagents for the environmental and pharmaceutical industries, and he engineered its sale to Waters Corporation. He was also Founder and General Manager of Pharmaceutical Resource Associates (PRA), a wholly owned subsidiary that manufactures critical standards for the pharmaceutical industry. In these and other roles, Dr. Craig helped to grow these companies through aggressive mergers and acquisitions, as well as organic growth.

“The cannabis sector is experiencing exponential growth and investor inquiry, as well as active mergers and acquisitions activity,” said Dr. Carl Craig, 1stWest Mergers and Acquisitions’ Managing Director. “Some cannabis market sub-sectors have already seen values that are declining, while others have yet to even start to peak. The aim of our practice is to represent sellers who seeks optimized valuation strategies in a highly regulated environment, allowing them access to our team of highly skilled scientists and business specialists.”