Haaretz write.

Attorney Hagit Weinstock sits in her Tel Aviv office amid piles of documents that have been a source of persistent frustration for her and her clients.

“Here is a letter from the president of Uganda saying he wants to enter into a cooperative agreement with us. Here’s a letter from an American company that wants to invest with us,” she said.

The source of her frustration is the feeling that the entire world cannabis industry is knocking on her door with an open wallet and the only reason she can’t answer is that Israel’s government has been unable to make a decision on whether to permit exports of medical marijuana.

Weinstock, who specializes in connecting overseas investors with Israel’s cannabis industry, is working with the Canadian cannabis holding company Cronus Group, which is investing tens of millions of dollars in a project to grow marijuana at Kibbutz Gan Shmuel and export to the German market.

Another client is the U.S. company Giving Tree, which is investing in another kibbutz, and a third is an unnamed Dutch company investing into a local farm. A publicly traded German company is ready to buy 15 tons of cannabis a year at $4 a gram.

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