Jacob Glick From Vital on Nano-THC Gummies

Jacob Glick is a B2B sales professional and director of wholesale operations working in Maricopa Arizona. As a respected professional in the area and industry, he was recently interviewed by the proprietors of The Cannabis Review, YouTube channel. They discuss “gummy” products as something worth keeping an eye on in the future, not just for consumers and merchants, but for investors as well.


Jacob Glick on Nano-THC Gummies

These products can come in many different flavors, Jacob Glick explains. They come with medical-grade levels of nano THC and/or CBD and are used for medicinal purposes by those who are prescribed it, and where legal, they are used as snacks and as recreational aides.

The interviewer chimed in to remark that in his experience, these products are not just good tasting, but they are an excellent and safe way to deal with everyday aches and pains. For this purpose, Jacob Glick explains, they are far safer and less toxic than even over-the-counter pain killers. Of course, as most people understand prescription painkillers are at the heart of a nationwide pandemic of opioid addiction. That being the case, these CBD and THC gummies are far safer, at least equally effective, and are likely to even be less expensive than doctor-prescribed pain killers.

The host mentions early in the interview that the gummies produced by Jacob Glick’s company contain nano-technology. He asked what this means and how it came about. Jacob Glick responds, explaining that “nano” indicates an object that is a nanometer in size. That is to say that a nano is one billionth of a meter. He explains, if you were to slice a meter stick into one billion pieces of equal size, these pieces would each be one nanometer in size.

Jacob Glick explains that this does not mean there are strange or nefarious machines working inside these tinctures. Rather, it means that some of the active ingredients are merely equal in size to a nanometer. He goes on to clarify that the THC molecules in the cannabis oil they use are broken down inside a machine called a “sonicator.” This decreases the time needed to feel the pain-mitigating properties, calming effects, and other beneficial aspects of the compound.

Jacob Glick goes on to explain that this also allows the THC to be absorbed by the body more easily, making it more valuable to people suffering from pain. It also alleviates much of the stigma and legal issues that might otherwise stem from the sale and use of such products.

At the end of the day, these are great tasting, safe, and affordable alternatives to drugs, and even alcohol, which people can enjoy safely and legally in most locations in the United States.


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