Jeff Sessions & Cannabis.. Not Much Asked , Not Much Said

12 January 2017

We’ve combed the media  to give you a quick precis

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JUST IN: Sessions Evades Firm Answer on State Marijuana Laws, Leaves Door Open for Federal Enforcement

So, after finally being put on the spot and questioned on the issue, we are no closer to clarity in regards to Sessions plans for how to treat state marijuana laws than we were yesterday. If anything, his comments are a cause for concern and can be interpreted as leaving the door open for enforcing federal law in legalized states. If Sessions wants to be an Attorney General for ALL Americans, he must bring his views in line with the majority of the population and support allowing states to set their own marijuana policies without fear of federal intervention.

The Cannabist write…

“I won’t commit to never enforcing federal law,” Sessions said in response to Sen. Patrick Leahy’s question about conflicting federal and state marijuana laws, adding: “But absolutely, it’s a problem of resources for the federal government.

“The Department of Justice under (AG Loretta) Lynch and (Eric) Holder set forth some policies that they thought were appropriate to define what cases should be prosecuted in states that have legalized at least in some fashion some parts of marijuana.”

Ganjapreneur write

Sessions Vague on Cannabis Questions During First Day of Confirmation Hearings

Aaron Smith, executive director of the National Cannabis Industry Association, expressed hope that Sessions’ belief that the Justice Department’s current cannabis policy enforcement guidelines are “truly valuable…should lead [Sessions] to maintain the current federal policy.”

The Huffington Post says

Jeff Sessions Offers No Straight Answers On How He’ll Handle Legal Marijuana

Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) has outlined his stance as a firm opponent of marijuana, but during his confirmation hearing Tuesday, he offered only vague answers about how he might approach the drug should he be confirmed as President-elect Donald Trump’s attorney general.

Although Sessions appeared to suggest there wouldn’t be radical changes in federal policy toward weed, he also left the door open for increased federal interference.

“I won’t commit to never enforcing federal law,” said Sessions, responding to a question about whether he’d use federal resources to prosecute people using marijuana in accordance with their state laws. “But absolutely it’s a problem of resources for the federal government.”

Sessions went on to say that federal guidelines on marijuana enforcement crafted under Attorneys General Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch had been “truly valuable” in determining how to navigate inconsistencies between federal law ― under which marijuana is illegal ― and state laws that have loosened restrictions on the plant. Sessions also noted that if Congress wanted to clear up this confusion, it could pass a law adjusting the legal status of marijuana. Until then, however, he vowed to do his job “in a just and fair way” while judging how to approach marijuana going forward.

Fortune’s Report

What Jeff Sessions Said About Marijuana in His Attorney General Hearing

During the first day of his confirmation hearings on Capitol Hill on Tuesday, Sen. Jeff Sessions did not provide much in the way of a definitive plan for how he would direct the Justice Department to treat states’ legalization of a drug that is very much illegal under federal law. Sessions, who in the past has been outspokenly opposed to legalized marijuana, admitted during questioning by his fellow U.S. senators that disrupting states’ legal marijuana markets by enforcing federal marijuana laws could create an undue strain on federal resources.

However, responding to a question from Democratic Sen. Patrick Leahy of Vermont, Sessions (a Republican representing Alabama) also said he “won’t commit to never enforcing federal law.”

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