Karma Koala Podcast 112 May 28 2023. Aaron Bloom CEO Doc MJ – “The Hurdles That Have To Be Jumped Operating A Medical Marijuana Company For Close To A Decade”

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This week we chat with Aaron Bloom the CEO at Doc MJ .

They have been working with medical professionals and patients for nigh on a decade in Florida and are now beginning to spread their wings to other states.

Aaron is a mine of information about the development of medical cannabis over the years and the difficulties that have had to be overcome and the difficulties still to be overcome!

Prior to working in the medical cannabis sector Aaron worked in the healthcare and nursing sector as an attorney so his insights on compliance and regulation are doubly interesting.



DocMJ Story

DocMJ has been focused on improving patients’ lives from the start. Since our founding in 2016, DocMJ has grown significantly in terms of locations, staff, and patients served. If you are unfamiliar with the DocMJ story, we wanted to give you a glimpse into who we are and our vision.

Where We Started and Where We are Going

In 2016, Dr. Michael Bruno founded DocMJ with the goal of helping patients secure the recommendations they need to gain access to medical marijuana. Since then, over 40 medical marijuana doctors have joined the team, serving patients in 30 locations across Florida and Ohio. Dr. Bruno’s vision was further empowered through adding team members with strong business experience.  It wasn’t long before they added Aaron Bloom who became the CEO of and has guided the steady expansion of DocMJ thus far. In the years to come, Aaron envisions expanding the reach of DocMJ to positively affect as many patient’s lives as possible throughout the states where medical marijuana has been legalized. DocMJ is committed to making the qualification process simple and easy for every patient seeking relief from their symptoms.

What We Do

We provide resources to guide patients and physicians in determining where medical marijuana usage could be helpful. Medical marijuana offers relief to patients suffering from a wide variety of medical conditions, such as cancer, anxiety, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, migraines, and more. On our site, we guide patients through a pre-approval screening process to determine whether their condition is one of the ones qualified for treatment using medical marijuana by the state.

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Bill Joel – We Didn’t Start The Fire

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