Karma Koala Podcast 114 June 27th 2023 – Conversation with Bill Drake the founder of the Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Company about pestcides and chemical use both in tobacco products and cannabis.



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This week we speak with Bill Drake the founder of the Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Company about pestcides and chemical use both in tobacco products and cannabis.


The Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Company was founded in 1982 by Bill Drake, who had published The Cultivator’s Handbook of Marijuana, Robert Marion, an acupuncture student at the Kototama Institute in Santa Fe, and Chris Webster, a Santa Fe entrepreneur and Realtor. Drake had written his second book, The Cultivator’s Handbook of Natural Tobacco, and began cultivating a strain of Nicotiana rustica a friend had found on the San Juan Pueblo.








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The Cultivators Handbook of Marijuana (1970/1993)

I’ve been a writer in many different fields and hope that readers judge my work kindly. I write in widely different fields because I write what interests me. My approach to writing is to learn all I can and then synthesize out of my own experience. I have no special expertise in any usual sense, but I somehow channel the knowledge that empowers me to write about the things I do. My hope is that the work will speak for itself.

“The Cultivators Handbook of Marijuana” (1969) was my first book and the first US Cannabis grow-your-own book. I wanted to help create a revolution. Still do. So …..

“Smoke No Evil” (2019) is a very satisfying culmination of my life’s work. It offers the first hard data research ever published on pesticide contamination of tobacco products and demonstrates the existence of a Tobacco Cartel/Government Agency conspiracy to suppress public awareness of this severe hazard to life itself.

I have also always taken great pleasure from studying, living in, and writing about the amazing variety of world cultures that make this planet such a glorious garden of the human spirit. My 2015-18 series of eBooks “Understanding World Cultures Through American Eyes” is intended as a personal contribution to greater understanding across and among world cultures.

As I have grown older and have had the opportunity to look back with some perspective on my life I have come to realize that the thing I have always done best, and the role that I have most enjoyed, is acting as a scout for my tribe. By that I mean that I have always gained the greatest pleasure from roaming ahead of others, going into unexplored lands or, more frequently, into lands where others had been before but where the pathways were overgrown and forgotten. I find fulfillment in seeking out these old paths and bringing news of their rediscovery back to share with others around the campfires.

The Connoisseur’s Handbook of Marijuana (1971)

The International Cultivators Handbook (1978/2014)

Marijuana Foods (1982/1993)

Searching For Mama Coca (2020)

The Coca Leaf Papers (2014)

The Amazing Healing Power of Natural Coca Leaf (2013)

The Cultivators Handbook of Natural Tobacco (2010)

Smoke No Evil (2019/2021)

Understanding Dutch Culture Through American Eyes (2017)

Understanding Thai Culture Through American Eyes (2017)

Understanding Nigerian Culture Through American Eyes (2018)

Effective Multicultural Communication In American English (2019)

Managing Culture Shock In America: International Student Guide (2020)

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