Karma Koala Podcast 116 18 September 2023 Jonathan Bohun  founder at WEEDAR. Cannabis Market, Branding & Lots More

Jonathan Bohun  founder at WEEDAR

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WEEDAR is a fully-integrated ecosystem that connects cannabis brands to a revolutionary loyalty and distribution platform, powered by unique cutting edge technology.

Welcome back to The Karma Koala Podcast

This week we speak with Jonathan Bohun not only about how he has developed his Californian retail and distribution business into a marketing, branding & software market leader.

But also, his experiences and his clients experiences with branding and marketing issues.

Jonathan grew up in the Ukraine so we touch on the Ukraine parliament’s recent discussions about medical cannabis.

Also his thoughts on the Thai market having recently visited the country which led us to a great talking point.

Cali flower and how we think it filters to places like Thailand and into the black and grey market around the world.

I was also encouraged by Jonathan’s positive experiences engaging with California’s cannabis agencies.

It appears things are better than other might like to make out.

Are we anywhere near “normalization”? Not yet but more and more people are trying to get there on the west coast

We throw in a couple of songs too.

This week it is all about “Dreadlocks vs Babylon” with Prince Far I at the top of the show and at the end of the show the mighty mighty Misty in Roots.

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